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Widely provides a simplified approach to build a Progressive Web App. With no development effort, upgrade your website in minutes.

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Product Highlights

Plug & Play Setup

A DIY tool to upgrade your website into a PWA within minutes. No coding required, just copy our code in your website and let it play.

Advanced PWA Features

Make your website lightning fast with our advance features. Widely made PWA will work offline, can enable Web Payments and much more.

Minimal & Onetime Pricing

Upgrade into PWA and get features like never before starting at just $149/ onetime. Best in the PWA industry, features a click away.

Multiple Platform Integration

Upgrade into a progressive web app on Wordpress, Shopify & Magento with our custom plugins. We support more CMS tools for PWAs.

Zero Maintenance App

Widely provides an app like experience in less than 2 to 5mb. We ensure your PWA is world class. It is built upon your existing wesbite, with no added repositories to maintain.

Offline App

Integration with Widely will enable the user to access content offline. Our smart techniques enable ways of data/app and even processes to be available offline.

PWA Analytics

Widely would help you to track your web app users mobile app way and in turn help you build robust marketing strategies, be it with any of your existing analytics portal, such as Google Analytics.

Improve Lighthouse Score

Widely APIs and Plugins will also help in improving the lighthouse score. A good lighthouse score will result in better SEO & performant web app. Reach 90+ score using Widely custom APIs.

Ease Of Use

Just copy our code and convert your website into a Progressive Web App without getting your hands dirty. Easiest way to build PWAs.


Stuck? Widely team is always available to sort out all your integration problems. We're constantly adding best PWA features in our APIs.

Built For Everyone

No matter what your domain is, Widely APIs and Plugins will help you to bridge the gap between the mobile and web.

Online Shopping

Market Places

News or Content

Video Portals

Social Networking

All eCommerce

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